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Robin Ince

Comedian, actor, writer

Robin Ince is a comedian, actor and writer who tweets at @robinince and is currently writing a blog a day for as long as he can: Find them at:

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Our Daytime Sitcom Life: The One Where Peter Hitchens Does Blah Blah Blah Etc

I have met Peter Hitchens and found him quite pleasant off set but when the cameras were on I found him a bit silly. On occasion, I find myself agreeing with him, but there is usually a later paragraph where it all goes awry. He is much like David Icke, there are moments where I nod, then I turn the page and go, "ah, perhaps not".
19/12/2013 17:27 GMT

What's the Point of a Rich Society Without Generous Ideas?

The preposterously rich, whether wealth is gained through bailouts, off shore accountancy, or selling what isn't really theirs to sell, are deserving, they've worked hard to ensure scams and thievery is governmentally sanctioned for the few.
21/10/2013 15:15 BST