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Robin Parker

President of NUS Scotland

Robin Parker, 25, is the President of NUS Scotland. He previously served two terms as President of Aberdeen University Students' Association and was a member of the National Union of Students' National Executive Council and NUS Scotland's Executive Council.

Before entering student politics he completed his undergraduate degree in Geography, specialising in Glaciology, Climate Change and socio-cultural responses to Climate Change.

During his studies he was President of the local People & Planet society and a keen member of the mountaineering club.

Robin is a Londoner by birth and attended the City of London School.

Scotland Provides a Blueprint for Improving UK Education

The headline in Scotland has always been that we've kept tuition fees off the table, and there is no sign of the political winds changing that. But for NUS Scotland, putting money in students' pockets to keep them in education has always been of just as much importance as fighting tuition fees.
30/08/2012 10:31 BST