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Rod Downie

Polar Programme Manager, WWF-UK

Rod Downie is the Polar Policy and Programme manager at WWF-UK. He joined the organisation having spent 14 years at British Antarctica Survey working on environmental management and policy. He has also been part of the UK delegation on the Antarctica treaty consultative meetings for nearly a decade.

1.32 Million Reasons to Tackle Climate Change

To coincide with the sea ice minimum, the UK Environmental Audit Committee today released a hard-hitting report from their inquiry into the UK's role in protecting the Arctic. We contributed substantially to this process, providing written and oral evidence.
21/09/2012 16:31 BST

Arctic Sea Ice Breaks Record Low

On Sunday, the Arctic sea ice hit its lowest extent since consistent satellite records began three decades ago. And it is predicted to continue to shrink towards the end of September, according to <a href="] and the National Snow and Ice Data Center [" target="_hplink">NASA</a>.
29/08/2012 13:17 BST

Robert Falcon Scott's South Pole Legacy: 100 Years on

It's a matter of record that Scott and his men were not the first to reach the pole. But arguably, his was a far greater 'reward' - an incredible legacy of science and conservation which has endured and flourished for a century.
16/01/2012 22:02 GMT