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Rohan Banerjee

Born in Calcutta in 1991, Rohan Banerjee showed early signs of becoming a journalist - a naturally enquiring turn of mind and unwarranted self importance.

His undergraduate years were spent at the University of York, where he studied Politics, before moving to Durham University to read an MA in International Relations. Off the back of this, he is incredibly useful in a pub quiz.

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Do My Results Matter?

Over the past couple of weeks, teenagers up and down the country have been opening brown envelopes they've been told will decide their futures. There have been tears, both of joy and dejection, upon the discovery of whether they're equipped with an arsenal of As and A*s or a decent set of Scrabble letters.
02/09/2016 15:58 BST

Wrestling vs Reality: Athletes, Entertainers or Both?

Wrestling's relationship with reality is a curious one. Prior to the 1980s, competitors and promoters alike protected 'kayfabe' - the convention of presenting staged performances as authentic- with their lives.
25/07/2016 11:38 BST

An Open Letter to Brexit

Dear Brexit, Congratulations on a hard if not well-fought victory in the EU referendum. I write to you with my heart as heavy as the pressure that now falls on your shoulders to make good of the biggest political and economic gamble in Britain's history.
28/06/2016 11:08 BST

Oxbridging the Gap?

At a time where Oxbridge graduates enjoy the lion's share of the top jobs, political or otherwise, Imperial's achievement poses a challenge to public perception. Evidently, our nation's two ancient institutions aren't invincible.
03/10/2014 11:32 BST

Indian Football: What's All the Hullabaloo?

That a country of India's size and growing economic significance does not have a half decent football team is definitely food for thought... Many of the problems surrounding India's football development cohere around its cultural perception.
31/07/2014 16:05 BST

Bringing Sexy Back

There's a risk associated with playing a certain style of football or with only certain players, and it is one which West Ham fans must note. It would take several transfer windows, not one, to transform West Ham... West Ham can't afford the drama of the drop or to risk restarting their current project under new management.
25/07/2014 12:19 BST

Hatem Ben Arfa: Wasted Talent or Talent Wasted?

To let a player of such undeniable potential rot in the reserves ahead of a cut-price or bosman move elsewhere is all sorts of counterproductive. Even Ben Arfa's worst season at the club yielded 8 assists, and if Pardew can bring himself to clear the air, he could be blessed with an impact sub to devastating effect.
21/07/2014 16:36 BST

Why Did Fulham Pay £11million for Ross McCormack?

The Scot is more similar to locals than a Dutchman or a Spaniard... McCormack is a marquee and that could mean shirt sales. As the Championship's top scorer last season, the striker's record suggests a decent chance of promotion for whomever he plays.
16/07/2014 15:38 BST

QPR and The Curious Case of Harry Redknapp

Fernandes probably won't sack Redknapp even if QPR fail to secure promotion, because he's acknowledged the financial gravitas of their situation; but Redknapp is a proud man who won't want his stake as the second best manager England never had to go down the drain.
02/04/2014 11:51 BST

An Education

Without question, the actions of these young men were insensitive, irresponsibile and idiotic; but there is a pervading irrelevance that supersedes this piece's credentials - one that prevents me from giving the authors the pat on the back they might think they deserve.
22/11/2013 12:55 GMT

I'm No Socialist But...

Real Madrid have broken the world transfer record to sign Tottenham forward Gareth Bale. It's a headline we were all expecting, but that doesn't make the reality of the situation any less obscene.
02/09/2013 16:40 BST

Wayne Tooney? Perhaps Not

As a Newcastle fan, I'm quite used to hearing ridiculous things - usually from our own supporters. But this one really tops the lot. Sports Direct News (yes that's actually a thing) has claimed that "low-level" talks have taken place between the Magpies and Wayne Rooney's agent, although an official offer is yet to be lodged. Go figure.
17/05/2013 14:46 BST

Decisions of Mass Delusion

Roberto Mancini's sacking, is one of the most absurd I've seen in a long time. Ok, so he had money, but that doesn't airbrush over the enormity of his achievements. Before Mancini, City had not won a major trophy in 35 years. By the end of his third season, they had won three.
14/05/2013 12:40 BST

Drnuk Txteing

We've all been there, a few more drinks than we'd planned, sitting on either flank of a depleting dance floor, nursing the shards of what little dignity we have left. Crestfallen, we take out our phone and in a drunken haze start to scroll through our contacts list.
15/01/2013 11:57 GMT

Pardew Sure He's the Right Man for the Job?

It should not be overlooked that this "wee club from the North East" boasts the eighth highest trophy total in English football and third biggest stadium (excluding Wembley). Newcastle might not be as big as they once were, but they are not as small as their manager is currently delivering.
13/01/2013 16:52 GMT


Industrially and economically India is incredible, but still thousands of people leave the country every year. Why? So long as the caste system continues to promulgate this social hang up of 'birth not worth', outdated religious reservations will hinder sociability and India's presence on the world stage.
20/12/2012 09:25 GMT