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Rose Caldwell

Executive director of Concern Worldwide (UK)

Rose is a qualified chartered accountant with 14 years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector. She has a wealth of experience in business and operational planning, finance and management. Whilst with Concern, Rose has worked in the field as an accountant and as assistant country director in Zimbabwe. Other assignments have been in Kosovo, Angola, Burundi and Rwanda. In November 2008, Rose was appointed executive director of Concern Worldwide (UK).

She qualified as a chartered accountant in 1993 after training with KPMG. She worked in the private sector as an internal auditor and then as a management consultant with BDO Stoy Hayward.

She was then appointed assistant director with Refugee Housing Association. There, she was responsible for business and operational planning, business improvement projects and performance management systems. Rose was previously director of finance for a Northern Irish charity which provided care and accommodation to people with mental illnesses and learning disabilities.

She is also trustee of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and Vice Chair of the Consortium of British Humanitarian Associations

We Need to Ensure Food Quality and Quantity If We Want to Tackle Hunger in All Its Forms

Hidden hunger is caused by a lack of nutritious food and results in insufficient essential vitamins and minerals being absorbed into the body. It can have long-term, irreversible health effects as well as socioeconomic consequences that can erode a person's well-being and development. By affecting people's productivity, it can also take a toll on countries' economies...
13/10/2014 14:44 BST

Rwanda - 20 Years on From the Genocide

In the immediate aftermath of the genocide it was hard for me, as a young accountant volunteering with Concern Worldwide in East Africa, to imagine that Rwanda would ever achieve the level of peace, stability and economic recovery that it has today.
04/04/2014 10:14 BST

Hunger and HIV and AIDS: The Forgotten Impact of Hunger on People Infected and Affected by HIV

As we approach World AIDS Day it is vital to highlight that people who live with HIV and AIDS in the developing world need to receive more than just medicine. They need nutritious food as well. We know that 97 per cent of the 7,000 people newly infected with HIV everyday live in the world's most undernourished countries underlining the link between hunger and the disease.
29/11/2013 14:42 GMT

Enough Food for Everyone IF

The "Enough Food for Everyone... IF" campaign focuses on four "ifs" that could free millions from the cycle of hunger and food insecurity if we can make them a reality.
30/01/2013 15:58 GMT