Rose O'Malley Clinical Nurse Specialist

ose has worked with patients with dementia in various environments, from mental health institutions to nursing homes. Her vast experience has led to a deep understanding of how best to care for those with dementia. Her strong belief in person-centred care has resulted in her involvement in delivering specialised training designed to show staff how to improve their care. She has helped to position UHCW as one of the leading thinkers in this area.

Rose began her general nursing training at UHCW. She then moved to Surrey to complete her General Registered Mental (GRM). This opened her eyes to the treatment of patients with dementia – she soon learned how they shouldn’t be treated and this reaffirmed her commitment to raising the standards of care for these patients.

Rose returned to UHCW in 1982 and worked on various wards over the years. However she always had a passion for working with patients with dementia and soon began working with nursing homes to care for these patients. Rose now works as a Clinical Nurse Specialist at UHCW and teaches nurses how to care for patients with dementia.