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Ryan Browne

Writer based in London. Read English literature at Westminster University.

I'm a writer based in London. My main interests are in politics, technology, art and culture. In politics I am firmly on the left, but more often than not I find myself at odds with the status quo.
I studied English literature at the University of Westminster, and have contributed articles and editorial work to local and national media.

As Air Pollution Kills Thousands Every Year, Will The London Mayor's Plans Be Enough?

I sympathise entirely with Khan's attempt to tackle something which his predecessor Boris Johnson actively suppressed while in office. And as a fellow asthma-sufferer, I think that his intention is genuine and that the gesture couldn't come sooner. There are handy websites and apps now which monitor the levels of air pollution - but they inevitably place the onus on individuals to avoid breathing in toxic air rather than the causing factors of pollution. By aiming policy at individuals, this falls short of the drastic overhaul of London's dirty air we need urgently.
11/12/2016 22:00 GMT

The Robot Economy: A Caution

While concerns about trade and outsourcing may be genuine, our world leaders will soon have to come to terms with the increasing decline of human productivity output, as the prevalence of machines - which provide much cheaper and more effective solutions for companies around the world - poses a deeply unsettling challenge to the way we model our society.
09/12/2016 08:51 GMT

When Our News Has Become An Algorithm, How Can We Know What Is True?

It sounds like a posthuman dystopian nightmare - that the technology which we use on a daily basis is spreading misinformation as fact, lies as truth. Whilst the reality might not be as dramatic as this, it is true that the Information Age seems to lack safeguards for accurate information in the world of big data, social networks and online news.
17/11/2016 17:18 GMT

There's Nothing 'Radical' About Wanting to Stay in the EU

The brutal political violence inflicted by the EU on Greece, and the inevitability of expanded globalisation and corrupt trade deals, show us that this dream is not one we can achieve by remaining in the EU. The only way we can truly send the EU a message will be by voting to leave it on the 23rd June.
02/06/2016 11:03 BST

The NUS Is Ignoring Students at Its Own Expense

As students from across the country start to mobilise campaigns to leave the National Union of Students (NUS), both the NUS and pro-NUS Students' Unions are upping the ante. But whilst disaffiliation referendums are being proposed in various universities thanks to student-led efforts, the pro-NUS opposition - with the help of various paid full-time officers - is throwing everything it's got.
19/05/2016 10:47 BST