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Sam Butler

Journalist and blogger specialising in crime, punishment and justice.

Sam Butler lives in Bristol, having settled there following his graduation from the University of the West of England, where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Criminology and Journalism. Currently he is surviving on odd bits of freelance work and occupying himself with his two blogs, Gripes from the Underground and Penal Reform

London Riots: Cruel, But Not So Unusual

The "shock", "outrage", "disgust" and "condemnation" has been coming thick and fast in relation to the riots that began in London, but have now spread to other parts of the country
10/08/2011 13:34 BST

Guido's Petition to Bring Back Hanging: 'What the Fawkes?'

The 'common sense' narrative on capital punishment may appeal to the visceral sense of revenge and 'justice' that naturally resides in most people, but the pragmatic truth is that it is an impractical and dangerous step backwards.
31/07/2011 23:03 BST

Norway Attacks: The Truth About the 21 Year Sentencing Limit

Norway has legislation in place to deal with men such as Breivik and should be left to do so without lurid and inaccurate speculation by foreign media on letting him "get off Scott free" or any of the other tabloid hyperbole synonymous with liberal sentencing policies.
25/07/2011 21:21 BST