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Sara Pascoe

Sara Pascoe the Musical @ the Soho Theatre on 27th, 28th, 30th of Nov and 1st December

Sara Pascoe is a comic and actor. You may have seen her on Stand Up For The Week, Campus or Todd Margaret (C4) or Twenty Twelve, Being Human, The Thick of It (BBC). Her gig list can be found here. Sara Pascoe will be performing her brand new show ‘Sara Pascoe: the Musical!’ at Soho theatre next week.

I Live With Two Murderers And A Person

I never wanted to get cats. I don't believe in domestication... how can you BUY or OWN a living thing? I only wanted to cohabit with those who had chosen to live with me...which was why I was so delighted when we got mice.
23/11/2012 17:10 GMT