Sarah Brennan


Chief Executive of YoungMinds, the leading national charity promoting mental health for children and young people

MPs Must Change The Law On Restraint In Mental Health Hospitals

Face-down restraint was used more than 2,500 times on people under 18 in mental health units in 2014/15 - the last year from which records are available. Meanwhile, three separate United Nations reports have criticised the way that restraint is used on children and young people with mental health conditions in the UK.
30/10/2017 17:17 GMT

Children's Mental Health Funding Is Not Going Where It Should Be

The pressure on overall NHS budgets puts individual CCGs in a difficult position. But if the government is serious about prioritising children's mental health services, they need to ensure that there is far greater accountability over where the new money is going.
21/12/2016 08:14 GMT

Youth Charities' Campaign to Challenge Misconception About Self-Harm

The charities hope that the awareness campaign will get people talking and help to reduce the stigma attached to self-harming which prevents many young people from seeking help. You can follow the campaign on Twitter via #selfharm and find out more about the campaign on each of the charities websites.
01/03/2013 11:54 GMT

Charities Appeal to Young People Not to Suffer in Silence

The statistics surrounding the number of children and young people self-harming are truly shocking. Around 1 in 12 children and young people are known to deliberately self-harm, with 25,000 admitted to hospital every year due to the severity of their injuries.
01/03/2012 15:29 GMT