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Sarah Dean


Don't Forget Child Soldiers - They Are Still on the Front Line

12 February marks The International Day Against The Use Of Child Soldiers, otherwise known as Red Hand Day. It's an annual commemoration of children around the world caught in conflict but should also act as a reminder that this is a problem that is far from over.
11/02/2014 17:54 GMT

X Factor Finals: Five Things I Learned From Watching Live At Wembley

"Up on your feet, you can't sit down if anyone is performing," instructed the bossy compere. "Try not to sit there taking pictures all night, it just looks stupid," he added. Within minutes of arriving at my seat in Wembley Arena I realised it was time to give up my autonomy and learn the instructed dance moves. Here are five more things I learned from being in the audience...
15/12/2013 16:48 GMT