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Sarah Lothian

Journalist, writer, mum-of-three

Sarah Lothian is a freelance journalist with 23 years of experience. She's worked as a tabloid reporter and a television producer and now writes human interest and lifestyle stories for newspapers and magazines.

Churches Should Be Welcoming - All Year Round

A vicar has told his congregation that only going to church at Christmas is a 'sham' and seems to suggest visitors should stay away if they don't fully embrace the Christian message.
18/12/2013 17:26 GMT

Toddler Groups and Keeping It Real

Tired mums will be hauling their lively offspring back to parent and toddler groups around the country this week after the long summer break. Most gatherings provide an ideal chance for adults and children to socialise and let off steam. But some are probably best avoided
03/09/2013 12:20 BST

Should Rape Defendants Be Anonymous?

So why should rape and sexual assault be treated differently? Either we have faith in our justice system, or we don't... By protecting defendants, what are we saying about our confidence in the evidence presented - which includes the reliability of the witnesses involved?
19/02/2013 17:36 GMT

We're Being Watched...

Should Christians be concerned with our 'image'? I've been told before that it's the Holy Spirit who does the 'work' of bringing people to Christ, not us.
24/01/2013 22:03 GMT