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Sarah Potter

Sarah is a freelance fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer from the Midlands

Sarah is a freelance fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer from the Midlands with a penchant for Chanel, gold chunky jewellery, small dogs and strong tea. A graduate from London College of Fashion she contributes to various magazines and online publications and her blogging can be followed at

The History Of The Brogue And Top Styles For AW16

While the majority of brogues sold are still classic and stylishly traditional, the characteristics of brogues, including the perforations, toe-caps and the serrated edges, can now be found combined with trainers, heels and even boots!
14/11/2016 14:47 GMT

The Rise Of The Hygge Trend And How To Channel It

According to studies, it makes you happier, and healthier, and actively encourages you to put down the technology and embrace all things natural, soft, squidgy, cosy, warm and luxurious. The lifestyle trend, that has taken social media by storm, can be applied to all manner of aspects of ones life, from work to home.
09/11/2016 13:33 GMT

Models vs Celebrities - the Battle of the Faces

It's essentially an odd word of mouth scenario. If your friend were to tell you of a really great skincare product, you'd be more than likely to look into it than if a complete stranger walked up to you and told you. That's what we get with celebrities and models.
15/01/2015 16:17 GMT

My Leather Bag - The Only Place to Shop for Bags this Christmas!

This Christmas, why not treat someone to something that they can treasure for a long, long time? In a world of fast throwaway fashion, it's sometimes so hard to find a present that will be appreciated, but that can also be used again and again without fear of it going out of style or worse, falling apart!
12/12/2011 14:21 GMT

The Satchel of the Season

So, my decision is this: an investment piece needs, well, an investment. I need a satchel that can give me everything I want in a bag. I want something beautiful yet practical. Something I can carry around my Macbook, notebooks, makeup and all the other essentials I take with me on a daily basis and not fall apart on me while I'm on the tube, leaving me scrambling around desperately trying to not lose anything amongst the commuters.
10/11/2011 10:17 GMT