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Scott Bryan

TV Critic / Freelance Writer

Scott Bryan is a TV Critic, who writes everything from dodgy obscure late night documentaries on BBC Four to the hypnotic world of CBeebies. He also fails at locking any Twitter relating devices in a cupboard when he has had some wine.

The Five Most Annoying Things About Being Gay

The 'supposed' assumed lifestyle of being gay is all, I admit, just a bit alienating to me. It always has been. I've felt in the past like I've been pushed into a group or associated with particular labels for no particular reason.
07/03/2013 20:59 GMT

Why I Am Still Single...

I haven't really ever understood the concept of Valentines Day. When I was 14 I had a big crush on a bloke my age, and basically I made it so blatant that I fancied him for so long he practically went into hiding.
13/02/2013 12:21 GMT

Why Having Parents Who Are Air Traffic Controllers is the Best Thing Ever

Once my Dad also was on shift whilst I was flying back from New York, which meant that for a short period of time, he was directing the aircraft that I was currently flying over the Atlantic in. When he told me later that he had done so I was amazed, but he didn't seem to think that it was much of a big deal.
29/01/2013 21:14 GMT

Why Working the Nightshifts is AMAZING

I work night night. Late late night. Crazy everyone in the entire world is passed out in their bed, even the people who are as hard as nails and go to Ministry of Sound thinking that they are A BOSS, time of night.
13/12/2012 12:47 GMT

The Problem With Reporting Suicide

Treat suicide sensitively. Give the topic some respect. We don't know why it happened, we won't know why it happened. Suicide is an incredibly personal, horrible, complicated thing. Give her personal family some space.
10/12/2012 14:16 GMT

Being Dyslexic Can Actually Be Bloody Brilliant

I'm dyslexic. That's right. Richard Branson, Albert Einstein, Henry Winkler and Orlando Bloom and I can all officially high-five each other. Now dyslexia affects people in different ways. It can be a major block to getting through school and getting through work. However, dyslexia isn't all that bad. In fact <strong>I ABSOLUTELY FREAKING LOVE IT</strong>. Here's why...
21/05/2012 22:24 BST

Admit It, This Titanic Lark is Just Disaster Porn

What I find however, is that a great deal of the news coverage, social media and programmes this week aren't really an opportunity for us to fully evaluate the tragedy where 1,514 people died. No. This is just disaster porn. Isn't it?
13/04/2012 15:47 BST

Why I'll Miss Analogue Television... And Why You Will Too

The switchover is actually quite monumental when you think about it. Analogue TV has been around since the age when you could only listen to radio via a can of baked beans and some string, has never screwed up or become unfashionable.
30/03/2012 12:47 BST

The Problem With <em>Playing it Straight</em>

You're single. You're female. You've had bad experiences with men in the past. You want to find a quick fix before your friends start tilting their heads on yours shoulders when you complain about it and say <em>"awww"</em>, and you hear that there's this new TV show that is offering you the chance to win £25,000 and the opportunity to choose any one of eleven attractive single guys to fall in love with!
20/01/2012 12:36 GMT

Why You Have to Watch 'The Only Way Is Dalston'

We love these programmes because we hate their arrogance and we love every opportunity that they either fluff their lines and say something bizarre or incoherent, and come across like pretentious idiotic losers. East London certainly has a few people who are like this.
22/10/2011 00:16 BST

Why a Gap Year is a Waste of Time (but why you Need to Have One)

From next year the price of a yearly university tuition fee rises to a humble £374,000, so every post A-Level student is starting uni this year, therefore abandoning their original plan of working in a dodgy supermarket near their parents' house for six months before travelling to some far off land. Sad isn't it?
22/09/2011 23:54 BST

Why the Gay Scene has got to Change

But, of course this is just coming from my track record. I might have missed many needles within many haystacks that have been on fire. If you have seen any, and you reckon that it will help change my mind about this, please let me know. I'll make sure that I give it a try.
13/09/2011 12:47 BST

Weekend TV: Red or Black, The Jonathan Ross Show

Ah September. The time when TV columnists make statements like <em>"Oh wasn't August's TV just <strong>RUBBISH?...</strong> but now there are proper things for you to watch"</em> when you never actually realised that there was a difference.
04/09/2011 22:48 BST

Why I'm Losing Faith in the Power of Twitter

Camden's Electric Ballroom smashed up. Ella Fitzgerald dead. Zac Efron pleasuring himself in his own bed. These are just some of the frankly bizarre rumours that have been RTing their way around the Fail Whale world and you know what, for a long time I didn't mind.
24/08/2011 14:26 BST