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Sharon Bull

Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational speaker/writer/poet - Passionate about mental health recovery,well- being & animal welfare. For further details please visit

Zongoloni's Story of Hope

Terrified, grief stricken, lonely, confused, frightened and hungry, emotions and situations we would never wish our own child to have to go through, and yet Zongoloni is one of many elephant calves orphaned in this way, because of ivory poaching.
07/09/2016 09:37 BST

Stripped Bare

Going public with regard to mental health issues, past mistakes and life errors that most people would probably choose to closet, rather than use as examples in a book to help others was a huge gamble to take, but for me it was a venture worth the risk.
24/08/2016 14:50 BST

Four Days of Hell

So many times I have seen where charities, groups and movements fighting the same cause, wanting identical results refuse to pull together through differing opinions, politics and egos, but sadly, no matter what the issue, unless we can unite for what we are fighting for, world leaders and governments will always have the upper hand.
24/11/2015 12:15 GMT

Let Kindness Be the Inspiration

It's not often you meet someone who inspires you, the way Carole Webb inspired me, but earlier this year I was privileged to meet this wonderful lady and all her animals - including Moonbeam, George, Blossom and Jack. Spending time at Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary confirmed to me, just how intelligent and gentle, farm animals are.
30/07/2015 18:48 BST

Wasn't I Born to be Loved?

Surely, the time has to come when animals being used in laboratories is written off into the history books and looked down upon as the antiquated and callous practise that it is.
03/06/2015 12:41 BST

A Compassionate Voice

I lost my job as a top sales executive with a British brand leader, my company car, wardrobe of designer clothes and shoes, credit cards, my home and consequently my self-respect, because I placed all this material stuff above everything else.
05/03/2015 14:41 GMT

Trafalgar Square Highlights Taiji

Saturday January 17th 2015, I joined over a thousand people in London's winter sunshine, helping to raise awareness about the truth behind dolphin and whale captivity.
21/01/2015 09:53 GMT

Be the Change in 2015

We may never get everything we want from life, we may not always get everyone to see our point of view, but if we can <strong><em>be the change</em></strong> we want to see in the world, if we take positive steps in our lives towards this, then others will be inspired to follow!
06/01/2015 10:34 GMT

Taiji's Link to Captivity

Following on from my article 'Taiji Culture, Tradition or Greed' published on November 28th 2014, I would like to introduce you to Rachel Barton. In October this year she made what I would call an extremely difficult decision to travel to Taiji and witness first-hand the merciless and continuous dolphin drives that take place there.
08/12/2014 16:05 GMT

Taiji Culture, Tradition or Greed?

In a country renowned for its innovative technology and leading the way in this field through its expertise and sophistication, I call to question its need for outdated entertainment within the numerous dolphinariums and marine parks in Japan.
28/11/2014 14:58 GMT

Taiji Japan - We Will Make a Difference!

Heralded as one of the biggest animal rights demonstrations in the UK, I joined more than a thousand voices in a peaceful protest, raising awareness to the annual barbaric slaughter and captivity of dolphins in Taiji Japan...
18/11/2014 12:45 GMT

A Testament to Recovery

On a late sunny afternoon October 2nd 2014, I skipped out of my new Doctor's surgery feeling like a teenager. Having just received the news about my present state of health, I had every reason to radiate joyfulness and exhibit my delight and gratitude.
15/10/2014 16:28 BST

Forty Eight Hours of Hell

For two days I have been witness to the worst horror man could bestow on any living sentient being...
01/10/2014 10:09 BST

Depression-The Invisible Illness

It's difficult to explain an illness that can't be physically seen and one that initially swooped down on me and then held me prisoner without any notice period or early warning call.
15/08/2014 09:54 BST