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Shaun Dellenty

Multi-Awarded Educator/LGBT+ Inclusion Advocate and Founder of 'Inclusion For All'

Shaun Dellenty is a London based educator, presenter, writer and multi-award-winning advocate for LGBT+ inclusion in education and communities. A survivor of sustained homophobic bullying as a child (which resulted in him walking out of state education in 1987) Dellenty remained ‘closeted’ as a teacher until 2009 as a result of hearing homophobia in school staff-rooms, class-rooms and playgrounds.In November 2009 Dellenty’s own school discovered by undertaking pupil questionnaires that 75% pupils within the school and locality were being subjected to daily homophobic language or abuse or were hearing the word ‘gay’ being used as a pejorative term on a daily basis. Using the bullying data as a trigger Dellenty ‘came out’ to his whole school community and founded 'Inclusion For All', a small not for profit charitable organisation aiming to train teachers and effect organisational change in communities, schools, faith schools and other educational contexts. Dellenty also began telling his story in school assemblies across the United Kingdom. Such was the rapid impact of the Inclusion For All programme that Dellenty has advised on policy at Westminster and has now supported or spoken to a huge range of schools, teacher training establishments, faith schools, local authorities, hate-crime, police and anti-bullying organisations including; Amnesty UK, Stonewall, National College of Teaching and Leadership, NSPCC, Kidscape, Open University, Liverpool Hope and John Moores Universities, London South Bank, Institute of Education, Hull University, University of Greenwich, House of Commons and many more. In addition to school based training sessions Dellenty also speaks on webinars, radio and television and at hate crime and anti-bullying conferences, TEDx, IDAHO, LGBT Pride events and LGBT history month events both in the UK and abroad. Dellenty's work has been the feature of many articles in the national press, including Times Educational Supplement, Leadership Focus, LDR Magazine, Teach Primary, Huffington Post, The Guardian, London Evening Standard, The Mirror, The Telegraph and many more. A prolific writer and blogger, Dellenty has written articles for Teach Primary magazine, The Guardian, Gay Star News, Gay Times, LDR magazine and others. In 2012 and 2013 Dellenty was nominated onto the Independent on Sunday 'Pink List' of the 101 most influential LGBT people in the UK. In 2013 and 2014 he was nominated for the Royal Air Force 'LGBT Inspirational Role Model Award' by Square Peg Media. Dellenty was Highly Commended at the 2015 Excellence In Diversity Awards. In 2013 and 2014 Dellenty was invited to help judge the Amnesty International Young Journalist of the Year Award.In Autumn 2014 Dellenty’s IFA work was broadcast nationally as part of the CBBC series ‘Our School’ In May 2014 Dellenty's IFA work was recommended by the Church of England in their ‘Valuing All God’s Children’ anti-homophobic bullying resource; Dellenty led a student workshop alongside secondary school pupils and the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby at Trinity School Lewisham with headteacher Father Richard Peers naming Shaun as ‘the best speaker on homophobic bullying I have heard’. Dellenty was nominated a 'Pride Hero' by members of the public at Pride In London 2015 and was featured in a high profile multi-media campaign across London Transport. Dellenty is writing his first book ‘That Gay Teacher’ about his journey and IFA work. In 2012 Dellenty worked with EV Crowe and the cast and production team of the play 'Hero' at the Royal Court Theatre, which was in part informed by observations undertaken by the 'Hero' cast and production team of Dellenty working with pupils in school. Dellenty will also be appearing in the forthcoming 'After 82' to discuss the arrival of HIV/AIDS in the UK and the role of sex education in schools. In 2015 Dellenty was asked to advise on policy at the House of Commons and Lords and spoke at Inside Government events. In 2016 he advised on policy to the LGBT Lib Dems conference. In 2016 Dellenty launched an anti-homophobia schools and theatre tour 'BOY' in collaboration with Essex based HyperFusion Theatre Company and Dellenty undertook various media promotions. In 2016 in a ground breaking move Dellenty took his messages of LGBT+ inclusion to the Isle of Man. In May 2016 Dellenty won three major awards over five day: the Education Champion Category at the Excellence in Diversity Awards a 'Point of Light award given in person by the Prime Minister David Cameron at 10 Downing Street and on May 14th 2016 Dellenty was presented with a the Mayor's Top Special Civic Award at Southwark Cathedral. Shaun is also very active on Twitter @ShaunDellenty For more details please visit and the associated Facebook group at also features a range of video interviews with school staff who have undertaken work around homophobic bullying and the representation of different family groups in schools. Enquires for training and speaking bookings can also be made at or by emailing 

 (Shaun's views are his own and are not intended to represent any one educational establishment or local authority)

Coming Out At School Was The Most Profound Experience Of My Life

I feel privileged to witness the positive impact my work has had upon individuals, upon schools and through advising on policy, upon the education system itself. Coming out to a whole school community was indeed the most profound thing I have ever done. We carry on with hope in our hearts, the battle for real equality is only just beginning. Authentic identity should never be a privilege.
11/09/2017 12:17 BST

It's Time To Say Goodbye To Twin Peaks

It is easy to forget in the Netflix age, but Twin Peaks was a <strong>big</strong> deal, especially during its first season. I can vouch absolutely for mornings spent analysing the town's strange events with the office typing pool at the water cooler.
18/05/2017 12:02 BST

Love Wins

I don't often wake at my parent's house these days but this past Sunday I did. Staggering downstairs bleary eyed for breakfast my Mother handed me a cup of tea and asked me if I had seen the news from Orlando. Accessing the Twitter news feed, it took me no longer than a few seconds to ascertain that something dreadful was unfolding in Orlando.
14/06/2016 12:43 BST

LGBT+ Inclusion in Education Saves Lives and Must Be Funded

Three million pounds can never replace the countless nameless souls we have lost, both in the UK and around the world since formal education began, whose lives were terminally compromised by prejudice, discrimination and hate. It is to these people that I wish to dedicate my recent awards and honours, in addition to everyone who has invited me along to speak or supported my work.
25/05/2016 16:49 BST

All God's Children - Faith, Love and LGBT+ Inclusion in Schools

Following my visits to faith schools, without exception I ask young people whether they feel their faith is a barrier to learning about LGBT+ people and the damage prejudicial attitudes can cause.Without exception they assure me that their faith tells them to<em> love, to respect and to take care of people</em>.
03/02/2016 12:08 GMT

Fire in a Bottle (To 'Twin Peaks' and Back Again)

Twin Peaks never went away, it merely dissipated into wider TV culture, developing multiple personalities on such shows as Northern Exposure, American Gothic, Eerie Indiana, The X-Files, Lost and Fortitude.
25/09/2015 17:22 BST

Homophobic Bullying and the Responsibilities of Children's Television

Still missing is regular, usualised (to use Sue Sanders word) portrayals of LGBT pupils, parents and role models who are happy, successful and kind human beings- just going about their lives. Such portrayals send a vital <strong>life-changing </strong>message to the emergent young LGBT souls out there.
18/11/2014 10:43 GMT

The Crying Shame of Denying LGBT Teachers Their Authenticity

A new term, you're starting to feel that you have established yourself with parents and pupils. You remain instinctively cautious on entering unfamiliar contexts; a side effect of years of school-based bullying, resulting in lapses onto anxiety medication...
31/10/2014 11:34 GMT

LGBT History Month- Remembering the Smalltown Boy

Lots of kids say they are going to run away, some mean it, some do not; some slip out and hang out at the end of the street until they get hungry, bored or realise that their bluff has been called. For me the notion of running away had become very real.
04/02/2014 11:33 GMT

Losing Labels and Talking Tom Daley

It was heartening to see so many messages of support for Tom and sadly not surprising to read the various comments of hate that the faceless Twitter cowards immediately started shooting into the ether.I am thrilled for Tom that he has found love, long may it continue; he should be proud of who he is as an individual and for his achievements. I hope that in the coming days weeks and months we can all make his choice of partner the least interesting element of his life...
04/12/2013 13:35 GMT

Carrying the Torch -Doctor Who at 50

Through my nursery and primary school years the good Doctor will be my truest and most reliable friend. He will teach me how to try and disarm situations with a funny story, or a joke or a random distraction, which in turn will help me manage situations in which I am bullied or when I ultimately become a teacher.
22/11/2013 15:27 GMT

Gay IS a Nice Thing to Say!

Education is the very best weapon we have in the fight against prejudicial, discriminatory and hateful attitudes towards LGBT people, educators must put the safety and well-being of children first, even if that means facing some unpalatable truths about their own practice.
17/05/2013 12:09 BST

LGBT History Month, Initialisms and The Rainbow People

Aside from these debates around initialism and labels, I was also party to a number of high powered debates around the use of word 'phobia' in homophobia, transphobia etc. Again there are many valid points to be made around what phobias are and what they are not and we could debate that for a very long time without actually changing anything.
05/03/2013 15:20 GMT