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Shohana Khan

London-based freelance writer

London based freelance writer, largely on issues related to women, Muslims living in the West; and everything else in between, who believes that nothing should be left unturned due to the fear of questioning. Assumptions are not truths, and the world will not remain static.

The 2016 Muslim Woman's Survival Guide

1. Carry a 'mastered English' certificate ready to dish out, whenever required. If that requires rummaging through boxes in parents' lofts to find primary school spelling tests, just do it. You need to prove that you can pass an ESOL test, even if you snuck in an English A-Level or degree.
09/12/2016 12:07 GMT

Can I Please Tell You About a Child Who Is Muslim?

Please can I tell you about a child? He didn't answer back to his teacher, because his parents taught him the importance of respecting those who you learn from. This respect comes from the tradition of Islam - The child is Muslim.
19/05/2015 16:11 BST

Are 'British Values', Exclusively British?

The British values debate has refused to look with the open mind it claims to be shaped by, upon Islamic values and honestly ask why such a wide range of Islamic practices and views have been seen as a problem for life in Britain. This is not tolerance, but a sweeping wave of intolerance in the name of security, instead.
27/03/2015 10:39 GMT

Terrorising of Muslims: The Ignored Epidemic

The idea that the entire Muslim community should be watched for signs of adherence to Islam, which will then lead to potential criminal activity, underpins Prevent and the CTS Act. It would be expected that with such policies and matching rhetoric, the public would begin to see the Muslim community living by Islam as a problem, criminal community that should be ostracised.
16/02/2015 13:37 GMT

The Faith School - A Problem for Society?

We are seeing a discussion develop since the alleged case of Trojan Horse in Birmingham, of the shunning of faith in education. And thus seeing the increasing scrutiny of the faith school.
13/11/2014 11:26 GMT

What Do Muslims Really Teach Their Children?

If we believed the news it would appear like the entire population of Muslim youth have gone abroad to join ISIS and create a medieval world. And with the backdrop of the Trojan Horse investigation of Muslim schools, it would be safe to say the seeds of suspicion have been planted across wider society, of how Muslims raise their children.
15/09/2014 13:16 BST

Gender Segregated Seating: Why the Uproar?

Then the fact that segregation is being facilitated between men and women, by men and women in Islamic societies, shows the commitment to cater for <em>both</em> genders. Discriminating against women would mean denying women entry, or any participation in the venue. Neither of these takes place.
13/12/2013 12:47 GMT

Unlearning How to Treat the Elderly

The undeniable reality is one day we to will be the elderly. We to will need help and support and we to will hope that the children we raised with our sweat and toil year after year, will give back a fraction of that, starting with the consistent love and care.
22/10/2013 13:58 BST

The Month of Ramadan and its' Lasting Impact

Today Muslims live in a society where consciousness of God is predominantly relegated to the private sphere, where religion usually is placed. Making the actions of life, family to work, social interactions to politics; aspects for individuals to decide how best to do, assuming their individual moral quality will drive them to do good.
24/07/2013 11:57 BST

Separate Toilets for Men and Women - Serious Issue of Discrimination

Don't agree with the title? Well you are not alone, as neither do I. But student equality rights group, Student Rights, believes segregation of men and women is a cause for deep concern in University events. But not in toilets, or in society. In particular in Muslim university events.
15/05/2013 13:24 BST