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Sian Boyle

City University Interactive M.A. student under the Scott Trust and contributor to the Guardian and the Times

Sian is a journalist and blogger with a keen interest in speaking her mind and writing comment and opinion on current affairs and the world around her, from the banal to the bizarre to the brilliant.

After graduating from the University of Nottingham she is now studying on the Interactive M.A. at City University under the Scott Trust and blogs at The Pen is Mightier.

Sian has contributed to the Times and the Guardian and also enjoys gin, fancy dress and Radio 4.

Follow her on @sian_boyle.

The Boston Bombings Are a Daily Occurrence for Many Around the World

Thirteen British newspapers led with the Boston bombings the following day, which occurred not only on the same day as the Iraq attacks, but also on the day that Syrian warplanes carried out air raids on Damascus. It would appear that the Western media portrayal of bomb attacks around the world is skewed.
18/04/2013 18:08 BST

Cut the Caricature of the Poor, Not Their Welfare

Why do those on benefits have to be caricatured or characterised in one way or another at all? There are thousands of decent, 'normal' people who are <a href="" target="_hplink">genuinely impoverished</a>, and try to make ends meet as best they can
07/04/2013 18:59 BST

The BBC Car Crash Rolls on: Entwistle's Resignation Must Have the Rest of the Media Cackling

What next for the great British Broadcasting Corporation? I predict that this car crash will play out, more heads will roll and the internal and external torrent of frenzied accusations will inevitably dry to a trickle. But I think it's important to remember that the BBC has produced excellent journalism, and in the scheme of things, a couple of (albeit very) bad decisions on <em>Newsnight</em> don't constitute the abolishment of the programme or of the BBC's entire 90-year-old reputation.
11/11/2012 22:23 GMT