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Sigmar Gabriel

Vice-Chancellor, Economics and Energy Minister of Germany.

Vice-Chancellor, Economics and Energy Minister of Germany. He is a former Minister for the Environment.

G20 in Cannes Needs to Bring the World Leadership

The meeting in Cannes must send a message to the world that politicians have heard the concerns of their citizens and they understand the scale of the crisis. Living standards are being squeezed, unearned rewards at the top too often create greater inequality, and retrenchment of valued education spending risks undermining the knowledge economies we need for the future. People across the world understand it was flaws in free-market capitalism that caused this crisis. They need to hear the positive case for responsible capitalism which will get us out of it. The role of political leaders is not to protest, it is to set out a different course for the future. Only by doing that will we begin to restore the confidence, the lack of which is holding back the recovery.
02/11/2011 14:01 GMT