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Simon C. Johnson

Product Manager,

Simon Johnson, product manager at the UKs leading gay dating website, and spokesperson for key issues facing the LGBT community.

Frenemies of Our State

I have to wonder if those who said, and those who have risen to these ridiculous statements want to encourage rational discussion and debate or if they're grabbing headlines and column inches for their own profile. A 'hear, hear' for David Cameron - those plans should be celebrated by the gay community, but I have a feeling the most militant of us won't be cosying up to the Conservative party just yet. But can we take a step back and acknowledge that equality can't happen overnight? It should, but it takes time and railroading of individuals or institutions will, in the long run, require much more earth moving to dig their heels out.
14/12/2012 16:57 GMT

Bullying Bankrolled by the Taxpayer

With the years of endured bullying at secondary school long behind me, I'd almost forgotten that bullying wasn't buried at my school. Amongst the sport, the stage productions and field trips, bullying was and still is infectious across classrooms.
02/05/2012 22:22 BST