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Simon Retallack

Strategy Manager, Carbon Trust

Simon has 12 years’ experience of leading initiatives on climate change in a variety of roles. Since he joined the Carbon Trust’s Strategy Team in 2010, Simon has led a number of major projects including work advising the UK Government on innovation strategy and the Government of Brazil on energy efficiency policy. Previously, Simon was Associate Director and Head of Climate Change at the Institute for Public Policy Research, where he led an influential programme of research on UK and international climate policy. He also founded the Global Climate Network, a collaboration of leading research organisations in countries key to tackling climate change. Simon was also co-director of the Climate Initiatives Fund and Commissioning Editor of The Ecologist magazine.

A Sober Look at Durban's Climate Deal

Has the progress seen at Durban changed that? Immediate reaction to the outcome of the negotiations was decidedly mixed. A month on, with the spin having died down, what does a sober look at the facts tell us about what actually happened in Durban and what the implications might be?
11/01/2012 22:39 GMT

Durban Climate Conference: The Only Way is (Bottom) Up

Governments can hardly claim they haven't been warned. In the last few weeks, four pieces of news have landed on their desks that ought to cause them grave concern. These weren't the latest growth rates or unemployment figures, or the latest credit rating agency downgrades. But they are every bit as worrying.
26/11/2011 23:27 GMT