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Simon Robinson

Senior Director Marketing and Alliances EMEA, Responsys

Simon Robinson is Senior Director Marketing & Alliances EMEA at Responsys, helping the best brands in the world to effectively execute marketing campaigns across the digital channels of email, mobile, social, web and display. Prior to joining Responsys, Simon worked for Vignette, NetIQ and Attachmate. With 22 years in the marketing industry, Simon has extensive experience building and driving brands, developing alliance partner relationships and delivering integrated marketing campaigns in the UK and across Europe.

Personalised Pricing - A Step Too Far?

Retailers need to ensure that any personalisation strategy they do use to target consumers is fair and when they get this right, the result is beneficial for both parties.
21/01/2013 16:33 GMT

Could Mobile Wallets Mean the End of 'Voucher Stigma'?

With a mobile wallet the process could be quite different. Consider this: you're walking past your favourite Indian take-away on the way home. As you walk past you get a text offering you half-price on your favourite curry. The next day you walk in and order the curry, paying by flashing the back of your phone at the point of payment with the offer applied automatically.
14/12/2012 11:36 GMT