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Stella Creasy

Labour and Co-operative MP for Walthamstow

Labour and Co-operative MP for Walthamstow

Accepting New Clause 2 Could Raise Billions From Those Making Millions Trading In The UK

By accepting New Clause 2 of the Finance Bill today, Mr Hammond can send a powerful message that Britain expects all those who make money from trading on our shores to pay their taxes here. In the process he could raise at least £6bn to plug the growing gap in his spending plans. Contrary to what you may have been told money can grow on trees-it's just in this instance their roots are overseas.
31/10/2017 08:11 GMT

Legislation Is Needed To Protect The Wages And Tips Of Those In The Hospitality Industry

Brexit may be overwhelming, but those giving us good service in bars, restaurants and hotels need us to give them good service in parliament and get on and sort these problems. In the meantime, best to leave cash if you want to be confident those who waited on you were able to benefit from your gratuity, or if you do use the electronic system always ask to make sure their employer won't be seeking to take a commission first.
24/10/2017 07:58 BST

Brexit Will Be A Hammer Blow For Equality Unless We Continue To Battle For It Together

<img alt="all women everywhere" src="" width="300" height="35" /> The decision to leave the European Union is a hammer blow for equality. Whether its economic impact, our capacity to advocate for our sisters around the world or the battles ahead for our freedoms at work and in society, much is now at stake. Yet as the Prime Minister now presses ahead with hard Brexit, the challenge for us all is to find ways not only to protect what we have achieved to date but to continue to champion the power of equality to change all our lives for the better.  
10/03/2017 16:27 GMT

It's Time For An Intervention On Progressive Politics

The future of Europe, the future of our politics, is about the relationships we build with each other from the grassroots to the international level, and that cannot be done in smoke-filled rooms in Brussels or even on the backbenches of Hogwarts gone wrong. None of this is easy. This is why this is an intervention. Don't be the frog slowly boiling to death in your own stew of bones. Sitting in your echo chamber, rehearsing the same old ideas, arguing with the same old individuals, defending the same tired institutions. We have faced challenges before as progressives. We have faced change before. And we have chosen before to live. And live again we can. That is our call and our cause.
14/01/2017 19:20 GMT

Britain Must Not Let Refugee Children Live In Hopeless Despair

Whether Syrian, Sudanese, Afghan, Eritrean, Ethiopian or Oromo these are children caught up in conflicts not of their making. No one is suggesting all those seeking sanctuary in Europe should come to Britain, but we are saying we can and should do our bit to help.
15/12/2016 08:02 GMT

If We Really Want Change, We All Need to Be Activists

Any form of activism which doesn't have a suggested solution attached to it or resources to make it happen is little more than a displacement activity. And that's the same whether you are in office or in opposition. Protest marches too may make you feel good, but put down the placard and ask where the power lies and how you can access it if you really want to make a difference.
24/03/2016 15:28 GMT

Prevent and Prejudice: How the Government is missing the point

'Non-whites don't wipe their bums'; refugees are a 'bunch of migrants', 'don't sit next to muslims with a bag'. Not anonymous below the line comments in a tabloid newspaper. These are views expressed to me recently in situations as diverse as a community workshop, the House of Commons or from fellow commuters. This is why Prevent is a missed opportunity. Britain requires a conversation, not an exercise in finger pointing. We need to both address common fears of 'the other', and promote the best of our abilities to work together.
29/01/2016 16:56 GMT

If The Labour Party Didn't Exist, Would We Invent It? The Case for Radical Labour

Choice between principle or power is no choice at all. Whether a party of power or party of protest - we won't change the world unless we are a party of purpose. Yet too much now rests on being united by what we are not - mainly not being the Tories, sometimes not the nationalists, and God forbid the liberals. That does not make us the alternative government in waiting. It doesn't even really make us the opposition. It just makes us 'not them'.
16/01/2016 13:40 GMT

Tackling PFI - A Public Spending Cut We Could All Get Behind

With the spending review looming there is one budget cut we should all get behind. Britain is paying out £10billion a year on PFI loans taken out to build schools and hospitals. With so many public institutions in financial difficulty, tomorrow Labour needs to offer both an expose of Osbourne's fiscal callousness and credible and radical alternatives for securing value for money for the British public
24/11/2015 16:53 GMT

Wonga May Be Celebrating but Legal Loan Sharks' Profits Come at a Heavy Cost to Our Country

Whilst many businesses struggle to survive in our fragile economy, payday lender Wonga is one of our few home grown success stories. Today they announced they are making more than £1m a week in profit- a 36% increase on last year. No one could begrudge a company that works hard to serve their customers and is rewarded for it. But money made in this industry comes at a heavy cost to our country.
03/09/2013 11:09 BST

Be Part of One Billion Rising, Be Part of Saying Enough Is Enough

One Billion Rising is an international coalition brought together by the vision of Eve Ensler, the creator of the Vagina Monologues and founder of V-Day. It is a global activist movement calling for ending violence against women and girls to be a priority for all Governments.
03/02/2013 22:15 GMT

We Need to Protect Consumers From These Legal Loan Sharks

Today's <a href="" target="_hplink">evidence from R3</a>, the insolvency practitioners, that the rapid and rabid growth of Britain's payday loan industry is leading people to go hungry in order to repay these debts, is saddening but not surprising to me.
13/11/2012 12:02 GMT