Stella Ralfini Mature Beauty Minx

Age is just a number and at 70 I’m flying the flag for other over sixty saucy minxes like me who intend to make every day count. I’m not going to tell you things like which schools I went to, or about the books I’ve written, since everything is available on the internet for those who want to know more.
What you won’t know is that I love peanut M&Ms and prawn tempura, have done every kind of sky sport – my latest addition being aerial flying – the scariest being parachute jumping, and am a professed foodie and gourmet chef known for hosting huge dinner parties when time allows.
My confidence landed me a prestigious job working for the Rolling Stones in my twenties. After trying my hand in the fashion/beauty business, I moved on to becoming an international life coach, and thirty years on, have no intention of retiring. My clients, who come to me for health, career, relationship, dating and beauty advice keep my mind sharp and since I also teach yoga, helps keep them and me in shape.
One of my beauty secrets went viral, landing me in a love/hate Marmite situation but I don’t give a fig. I like who I am, praise the fact I’m still alive and now have a keen interest in showing the world that over sixties women rock in every sense of the word.
As a seventy year old singleton I’m still dating and have no intention of letting the grass grow under my feet - or my wrinkles stand in the way of finding a suitor. Bold is my new keyword so watch this space!
My daughter says ‘I’m cuckoo but cool.’ I can live with that and hope other cool cuckoos will join the cause so we can show the young ‘uns that age is just a number.