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Stephen Carrick-Davies

Stephen Carrick-Davies is the CEO of Mondo Foundation a charity which works with partners in remote areas of the world on the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Quality Education, Gender Equality and Decent work and employment. See

Stephen Carrick-Davies has worked in the area of technology and young people for 14 years, first at Childnet International where he was the CEO until 2008 and most recently as a freelance consultant, writer and social entrepreneur. His recent work has involved him working with vulnerable excluded young people in ‘special schools’ and helping those who work with them to best support these youth through social media. See for more information.

Compass Or A Sat Nav For The Digital World?

Asking students yesterday about the earliest time they logged on that morning, most admitted to waking early for fear of missing out (FOMO). The adrenaline rush they receive from posts being "liked" can become addictive and sleep is the casualty.
08/02/2017 08:38 GMT

Recalibrating the Machine

It is crucial to look out there to turn around the learning if we are to re-calibrate the machine. If we as educators can't be open, radically re-learn from young people and collaborate with others out there to help fashion new digital tools and approaches to transforming the lives of marginalised young people, the queue will continue to be long and the cry that "Education, labour or the machine isn't working" will become ever louder.
18/12/2013 10:30 GMT

Excessive Screen Use, A 'First World' Problem?

This week a friend of mine and I launch a simple initiative called Screen Less Week, a resource for schools to help children and families recalibrate their reliance on screens, if only for one week.
07/06/2013 11:51 BST

Online Empathy - Erosion or Evolution?

Empathy can be expressed on a spectrum, and how a child responds to a given situation may depend on a range of different complex psychological and child development issues. For example a child on the autistic spectrum may not recognise that their online actions or behaviour may come across as inappropriately blunt.
24/07/2012 11:03 BST

Empathy Download

What did we do before Facebook and Twitter? Were we more tolerant and polite or perhaps just more repressed? Yes these platforms have made it easier and quicker to settle scores, but do these new online tools actually fuel people's thirst for revenge?
24/05/2012 16:53 BST

Gaga's Born This Way Foundation: Are We Born To be Brave?

Lady Gaga is now initiating a movement committed to inspiring youth to love more, to be brave and stand up for others, and resist the urge to engage in the casual cruelty and meanness so often expressed in the digital world. This was more than a sermon; this was becoming a rallying cry.
05/03/2012 12:49 GMT

Safer Internet Day and Fraping: He Who Filches From Me My Good Name...

It's not just the new apps or terminology that is lost on parents, most are unaware that these new peer activities are wrecking teenager relationships and have massive psychological re-percussions. Teenage years are hard enough as they are without this added pressure of online mistrust and reputation assignation.
07/02/2012 10:58 GMT