Steve Gribbin Scabrous scouse musical satirist

Scabrous Scouse musical satirist STEVE GRIBBIN presents his new show “VIVA GRIBBOSTANIA!” in which, taking a leaf out of Alex Salmond’s book, he declares independence from the UK and sets up his own brand new country.

Located just outside Liverpool on Spike Island in the Mersey, ‘Gribbostania’ will be a fully functional sovereign Nation beset by the teething troubles that affect all fledgling states…

From 1984 to 1993, Steve Gribbin was half of the political musical comedy duo Skint Video, alongside Brian Mulligan. They appeared on TV shows including Saturday Live and Cabaret At Jongleurs and The Mary Whitehouse Experience on radio.

Since then, the 5ft 4in Scouse exile, lapsed Catholic, socialist, Liverpool FC fan has become a solo stalwart of the comedy circuit, and is a permanent member of The Cutting Edge topical show at the London Comedy Store.