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Stuart Bonar

Osborne's Thank You Letter to Pensioner Who Repaid Winter Fuel Payment

A "very kind, generous and public-spirited gesture". That's how George Osborne acknowledged one pensioner's decision to pay back their Winter Fuel Payment. The benefit, worth between £100 and £300, is paid to around 12 million pensioners each year to help them meet the cost of heating their homes over the winter months.
21/08/2014 16:32 BST

Which Books Have MPs Made You Buy Them?

One of the perks of being an MP is access to a wonderful private library - the House of Commons Library. I know that MPs can ask for the Library to buy books they are interested in reading. So, curious to know which books MPs have been asking us, as taxpayers, to buy for them, I lodged a Freedom of Information Act request.
12/02/2012 23:45 GMT

Why Lord Bonar Would Back a Benefits Cap

If, instead of being plain old Stuart Bonar I was swiftly ennobled to Lord Bonar of [my home city] Plymouth, I wouldn't vote alongside Paddy later today, I'd be backing the coalition.
23/01/2012 13:38 GMT

Eurosceptics' Appetite is Unquenchable

At a Commons debate ahead of the European Council meeting, one Eurosceptic MP <a href="" target="_hplink">suggested</a> that negotiating within the EU was like the deals that the British pre-war prime minister Neville Chamberlain did with Hitler.
13/12/2011 15:38 GMT

Our Only Future is a European One

The big EU summit in Brussels reminds me that on Europe I often feel like Cassandra. I am sure that Britain's future is European. I am sure that in time we will join the euro (stop laughing). I am certain of these things, yet enunciating these kinds of views is often met with disbelief.
10/12/2011 21:53 GMT

Britain Should Join the Euro, Asap

The euro will not fail. It won't be allowed to fail. Sure, some of the fiscal basketcases on the continental periphery have some tough years ahead - so do we - but that is because, like us, they borrowed in the good years as well as the lean years, leaving nothing in the bank when they needed it most.
22/11/2011 00:02 GMT

Cash-Strapped UK Government Should Sell Not Buy Artwork

We are not discussing here the artwork that hangs in our great museums and art galleries. The items in the Government Art Collection are primarily used in ministerial offices, government buildings, embassies and ambassadors' residencies around the globe.
13/11/2011 23:39 GMT

To Get What They Want, Young People Need to Start Voting

What should young people do? They should rattle their electoral sabre. You make politicians worry and concern themselves with your issues by voting. That's what gives you, as a voter, your power. It's what makes politicians worry about what you think.
03/11/2011 22:44 GMT

E-petitions Show Britain is no Hotbed of Angry Reactionaries

When the new e-petitions system went live <a href="" target="_hplink">all the talk</a> was of the return of the death penalty. Those of us of a more liberal mindset braced ourselves for an outpouring of the most reactionary, kneejerk populism imaginable.
20/10/2011 13:24 BST

Can Charity pay off the National Debt?

It may strike some, me included, as surprising that people would donate to pay down the National Debt rather than give to help find a cure for cancer or feed a starving child, but it's their money... well, it's ours now.
29/09/2011 00:00 BST

Have the Voters Started Listening to the Lib Dems?

Coming to Liberal Democrat conference has changed over the years. It used to be the case that you were ignored. You'd spend your days earnestly debating policy motions and amendments then read precisely zilch about it in the next day's papers.
20/09/2011 00:08 BST

The Politics of Dinnertime

It is high time that those of us who don't think we're going to hell in a handcart became a lot more energetic about challenging the many half-truths there are out there.
06/09/2011 13:51 BST