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Sue Hedges

Real Life Juggling Mum of One, with plenty to say about plenty of things

Sue Hedges is a mum with an 11 year old son who works as an Exams Officer in a secondary school as well as editor of women's lifestyle website Her life is full of different experiences - from working in Woolies as a Saturday girl, to a colourful life as PA to the Greek Captain on a cruiseship to her current Moan About Men life which has included several appearances on TV on such shows as GMTV and Trisha as well as coffee in Covent Garden with Duncan Bannatyne.

She loves Abba and anything eighties, pink sparkly with the girls, red wine with nice food and chilling out in Wales. She’s rubbish with make-up, has no idea about fashion, has never been able to blow dry her hair and is always on a diet.

She is looking forward to commenting on current topics in her own style, drawing on all her experiences old and new!

Children in Need - Simple things Make You Think.

Perhaps we could start a recycling project to encourage parents to put school uniform in charity clothing banks specifically for uniform and schools could nominate children for it to be distributed to.
20/11/2011 22:38 GMT

Why didn't I have the right to a Caesarean

Perhaps if caesareans had been offered when they were needed over the last few years instead of hospitals making decisions to protect their targets and not their patients then today's news may not even have been necessary.
31/10/2011 14:19 GMT

Moan About Men - sexist? not at all.....

As I start to write this post, I'm not sure how I'm going to start it and I don't know what reaction I will get. But today I read the story of Topman and the T shirts that were banned because of sexist comments - and it brought back a whole load of memories for me.
17/09/2011 12:52 BST

Helmets Are Cool!

As soon as he started to enjoy skateboarding and scootering, I felt nervous. He was watching videos on youtube for hours and then would go out and try to copy the tricks he had seen on the screen.
07/09/2011 13:16 BST

Where does time go?

Tomorrow morning, my son will join thousands of others across the country who are going to secondary school for the first time.
07/09/2011 13:14 BST

Are GCSEs easier - From an Exams Officers Eye

The news this morning was dominated once again by the news that GCSE passes are excellent once again and many pupils have received very high grades, which always prompts the discussion about whether or not GCSE's are easier than O levels.
25/08/2011 20:58 BST

Does Drink Make a Ladette... or the Lady Drinking it?

I have just been watching an item on morning television about British women and the way they drink. New research reveals that British women have topped a European league of binge drinking and are now as likely to overdo it as men.
21/08/2011 22:30 BST

Summer Holidays - Don't Hate Them - Love Them!

So - it's the summer holidays - six weeks of sorting out the children, keeping them entertained, feeding them all day long and sorting out the battles - doesn't sound much fun does it!
12/08/2011 13:29 BST

The Importance of Being Brown

Women have always gone to huge lengths to be brown. There is no doubt that a suntan makes you feel better, thinner. Clothes that you would ordinarily not dare to wear suddenly look gorgeous again.
10/08/2011 15:07 BST

The Riots - From a Child's Eye

What affect will these riots have on other children. What will it make other children see? The Riots from a Childs Eye are hard to understand... but then they are pretty difficult to understand from an adult's eye too.
09/08/2011 23:37 BST

Are you a SMOG?

Another item in the news this week, was the notion that the mother of girls are becoming known as SMOGS. A SMOG is the new breed of parent the "Smug Mother of Girls", also known as SMOG.
07/08/2011 23:04 BST