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Susan Boyle

The Damage Cyber Bullying Does Is as Bad as the Cigarette Scars On My Arms

In my day, compared to today, it was a simpler form of bullying - not that I am condoning it in any way - but it was face to face, name calling, physical and mental hurts, you knew the name and the face of the bullies, you knew the familiar outlines as they came towards you so you could run in the opposite direction. Today not only do you have to contend with what I went through you also have to contend with the cyber bullying - the nameless and faceless who say the most disgusting things because they feel they have an anonymity and an autonomy to behave without repercussion.
01/12/2014 17:15 GMT

Paying It Forward...

I love the concept of 'Pay It Forward'. The idea that you can pass on an opportunity and a good deed to someone deserving or help someone in life fulfil a dream is a wonderful concept, embraced not only in the USA but over 100 countries around the world and I strongly believe that we should make it more prevalent in the UK. With life getting busier, more hectic and stressful for all of us it's easy to forget acts of kindness and helping others, even the smallest good deeds can make the biggest of differences.
21/11/2013 17:19 GMT

This Year Has Been Surreal

<em>Standing Ovation</em> is the album I've always wanted to make. My fourth album in three years and probably the one I am most proud of. You see, I have a long standing affiliation with musicals. As a wee girl the family would often congregate round the TV watching the old classics, <em>South Pacific</em>, <em>Mary Poppins</em>, <em>Oliver</em>, <em>Fiddler on the Roof</em> and then as I got older I went to see my first stage musical Les Miserable and from there I was hooked, captivated and I loved the way you could transform yourself into another world with the emotive lyrics.
08/11/2012 16:02 GMT

Why I Finally Feel I've Beaten My Demons in 2011

It was hard, unearthing deep wounds of my childhood, but much like the documentary, if people knew me and had a better insight, then hopefully that would bring understanding and acceptance.
13/12/2011 22:52 GMT