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Suzie de Rohan Willner

CEO of TOAST, mentor, ambassador for Women of the Future.

Suzie de Rohan Willner is the CEO of TOAST, a fashion and lifestyle brand renowned for its thoughtful contemporary design. The TOAST team endeavours to create products that are unique; designed with great care; made of exceptional materials and to present them in simple and inspiring ways.

Suzie was born into a family of creatives – her mother a curator and her stepfather a sculptor, artist and designer. Her childhood home was near Holland Park in Kensington but at the age of sixteen she decided to leave England, enrolling in the International School of Geneva. Here she received a broad education in international culture. She graduated in French Studies from the American University in Paris, married and had two children.

As a young mother in a foreign country she was keen to have a career. She taught herself how to use a computer by reading user manuals and obtained her first role as a receptionist. She quickly found that she had a head for business – an inquiring mind and ability to analyse problems and come up with creative solutions. Over a period of 20 years she has progressed from reception through sales, retail, merchandising and finally to CEO. She has worked for a number of global brands including Timberland, Levi Strauss, Puma and FitFlop.

Through her work she has lived in France, Belgium and Germany. Though she loves to experience new places and meet new people she is now happily settled on the River Thames in Surrey. She lives here with her husband (an architect), her two grown-up children having flown the nest.

Suzie is an inspirational leader with a great passion for developing high performing, innovative teams who can act nimbly and boldly in a competitive landscape. Today, she is leading TOAST’s recent turnaround and growth, in partnership with brand founders Jessica and Jamie Seaton. She has always been keen to share her learnings and knowledge and is currently taking part in University Women in the Arts and has launched a mentoring scheme at TOAST. She is also an ambassador for Women of the Future.

Changing People's Lives

It's a daunting experience returning to work as a young mum in a foreign country. I taught myself to use a computer by working through a user manual and found a job as a receptionist for an American brand near to where we were living in France.
17/02/2017 10:51 GMT