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The Tartan Con

An ex-prisoner, passionate about prison reform & believes he can offer the reader a unique view point about the state of our prisons today.


I was sentenced to 7yrs and 6 Months imprisonment and was released at the halfway period. I was resident in 3 prisons during my time in Custody and tried to be of some use. I witnessed not only shocking events but saw first hand the sheer bureaucracy that the prison service faces at the hands of those so very ill-equipped to handle the prison estate.

I was a high profile individual, though not that I wished to be! It is for that reason that I opt to remain in the background for as long as possible. I wish for my blogs and points raised therein to be the focus of attention not my profile. I hope that you, dear reader(s), understand and respect that.

I write monthly on what I, as an ex-prisoner, see both wrong and right about prison life.

You see I am not a prison hater nor am I anti-establishment. I just hate to see good people being railroaded into oblivion (both staff and inmates alike).

My thoughts and ramblings are just mine and any fault with them should be laid at my feet and no one else's.

The Government's Innovative White Paper On Prison Reform

Understaffed prisons lead to deaths. In the last 10 years over 750 people have taken their own lives in prison and over 36,000 people have self harmed. Now if one of those deaths or one of those incidents of self harm was the result of understaffing then who do we hold culpable?
09/11/2016 13:35 GMT