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Toby Perkins MP

Shadow Minister for Small Business and Labour MP for Chesterfield

Labour's Next Leader Must Convince Britain That Our Party Is Fit to Lead Our Country Again

Labour's next leader will need to achieve something far more difficult and far more important - convincing the British people that our party is fit to lead our country again. The answer isn't to look backwards, but instead to talk about the Britain that we can build together. Labour has always won when we've focussed on the world as it is and how we want it to be. That's what Liz Kendall has done this week...
06/08/2015 09:33 BST

Take a Moment to Think on Small Business Saturday

It was Napoleon who first branded the British 'a nation of shopkeepers', a theme Adolf Hitler returned to 150 years later. But whilst these Anglophobic generals may have meant it as an insult, we British take great pride in our small retailers and jealously guard the variety and diversity they bring to our high street...
07/11/2013 13:14 GMT

Back Small Business Saturday to Help Our Independent Retailers

Independent shops and small businesses also have a vital role to play in our economic recovery. Research by the Federation of Small Businesses reveals that 88% of people moving from unemployment into private sector jobs either start up or work for a small business.
03/01/2013 09:42 GMT