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Tom Charters

History Graduate searching for economic life in the Far East

Tom Charters graduated with a degree in History from the University of Edinburgh before changing tack and entering the world of Investment Banking in London. Two years later, the lure of the Far East proved too strong and he moved out to Hong Kong, where he currently writes and resides. He has always been intrigued by different cultures, and developed this interest with six months teaching in Chile and a year studying in Philadelphia, as well as several extended voyages around various far-flung places of the world. He will be providing regular updates from Hong Kong, both finance related and regarding more general topical issues.

The Lasting Legacy of the Financial Crisis

It is fair to hope that this new batch of future leaders of our financial world, with their diverse schooling and multi-disciplined training, will be better equipped than their predecessors to ensure that mistakes are not repeated.
23/12/2012 23:19 GMT