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Tom Cornwall

Head of Service Design - Rainmaker

Thomas Cornwall helps intelligent leaders grow businesses intelligently. One of the world’s leading service designers, Thomas has helped Fortune 500 brands, fast-growing start-ups and even governments build award winning services and great customer experiences.

An entrepreneur at heart, he discovered service design when looking for a systematic and repeatable way to create desirable businesses for today’s world. He used it to start and grow a behavioural insights and innovation company that worked with brands like Samsung, British Airways, BT, Amazon and many more.

Thomas is now Head of Service Design at Rainmaker, helping industry leaders - and those who want to topple them - design, launch and scale their future.

How To Relax: The New Two-Minute Method

For something to be really useful in helping us relax and it needs to be three things: simple to follow, easy to develop as a habit and also works. I'm going to share something with you that I've been doing myself and working on for a little while.
16/07/2013 10:55 BST

How to Avoid the Next Great Resource Disaster

At the end of a week when BP were fined $4.5 billion for the Deepwater Horizon disaster, attention should turn to avoiding the continuation of another waste of natural resources; human potential. Because every day thousands more barrels are being wasted by the promotion of a pursuit of happiness through synthetic means. Plugging this leak is a task for us all.
19/11/2012 13:09 GMT