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Tom Stevenson

Financial Times, PW News Reporter

Tom Stevenson is a reporter currently based in London.
He is employed by the Financial Times, but also runs a regular blog with the Huffington Post and has worked with a variety of clients from The Independent on Sunday, and economia magazine, to the New Statesman.

Walking on Glass: Why We're Facing Another Half Decade of Recession

To hope that the commitment to cutting public spending in the name of deficit reduction will be reversed in the face of continuing recession and little effect on the deficit currently seems highly optimistic - the major political parties united as they are in almost unwavering support for it. So long as it continues so will recession.
06/11/2012 17:14 GMT

The Dark Shadow of Tyranny

Tyranny, tyranny, tyranny. It seems to echo from every direction like old church bells. Newspapers headline it, broadcasters auto-cue it, and party-goers celebrate the end of it - and they are right to. In his statement on Muammar al-Gaddafi's killing, Barack Obama said "the dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted". Now there's a sound-bite.
24/10/2011 22:36 BST

Policing Occupy London is About Intimidation

Standing on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral, a young man addressed the 'Occupy London Stock Exchange' protest yesterday. "There is a police line to my left", he said as the crowd repeated his words in unison to create an 'echo microphone' that allowed everyone to hear, "and we must be careful not to let it move forward." His warning proved prescient.
16/10/2011 23:54 BST

Unremembered Afghanistan

In a small park just outside the sleepy Wiltshire town of Wootton Bassett, there are 35,000 wooden crosses planted in neat lines. Each has a red poppy pinned to its centre; many have photos of the smiling faces of deceased British soldiers clipped to them by loved ones.
08/09/2011 12:37 BST

Libya: A War For Regime Change?

As thousands discharged weapons into the air with gleeful smiles, it was easy to be swept up in the triumphalism of the moment. As Brutus said, "then walk we forth even to the marketplace, and, waving our red weapons o'er our heads, let's all cry out 'peace, freedom, and liberty!'"
23/08/2011 19:19 BST

Haiti: A Lesson for Supporters of NATO's Libya Campaign

The idea that the same three powers -- the United States, France and Britain - who have punished Haiti so mercilessly are now bombing Libya as part of a tireless effort to promote a "democratic transition" is absurd.
15/08/2011 13:33 BST

'The Biggest Brother': The London Riots

There is a strong feeling of injustice and inequality all over poor London, and like the elderly woman in Hackney, people are tired of the police, and politicians, saying "I'll tell you what's fair".
09/08/2011 14:46 BST

Oh What a Tangled Web we Weave

William Hague announced today that he was expelling all Libyan diplomats from Britain, and formally recognising the Transitional National Council. It is a clear message from the Conservative government. They are committed to Libya. Libya will be their war.
27/07/2011 14:07 BST

A History Lesson for William Hague

William Hague says: don't let the Arab Spring distract you from the Iranian threat. I say, don't let William Hague distract you from the Arab Spring.
14/07/2011 22:54 BST

The Truth About the Moroccan Referendum

King Muhammad VI has been shrewd. His referendum is ostensibly a victory, and a weapon against those who will argue for more radical democratic changes.
12/07/2011 09:39 BST