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Tom Vine

Tom, originally from Tottenham in North London, is a third-year Politics student at the University of Kent. He has a particular interest in international relations, politics of the Middle East and Marxism. His personal blog can be found here.

UKIP: A Convenient Enemy for British Liberal Democracy

As well as being the new dark horse in British politics, Ukip have become well-known for their radically right-wing politics, unmistakeably expressing racist, sexist, homophobic views - you name it, they've said it. For many they have become a force to be defeated and left to the history books.
17/02/2014 13:46 GMT

Osborne's Spending Review Has Confirmed the Death of Democracy

Looking back, democracy now seems to be a distant memory. We have been ruled by a Tory-led government for just over three years despite their failure to secure a majority at the 2010 general election, and ever since they have hacked at all remaining remnants of people power.
27/06/2013 12:32 BST

Why the Recent Council Tax Rise Is Not Yet the 'New Poll Tax'

The parallels between the previous Conservative government and the current Conservative-led government are clear: further taxes are being imposed on those who are least able to pay them. But where today's situation is different is in the public's response.
04/02/2013 11:08 GMT