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Triona Kennedy

Feminist and founder of The Astell Project for gender equality in schooling

Triona Kennedy is a feminist and the founder of The Astell Project for gender equality in schooling. She brings her experiences as a barrister and educator to the campaign which calls for a joined-up approach to promoting gender equality and preventing discrimination, harassment and violence against women and girls. The Project aims to raise awareness of the ways in which gender stereotyping in policymaking, the curriculum and teaching practices mean that girls' social needs are overlooked. It recommends specific policy interventions to enable the government to comply with the Equality Duty and create a less hostile environment for women and girls. Key recommendations include providing all girls and boys with the space and support to analyze the gender issues that determine their life choices.

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The Coalition Is in Danger of Doing the Right Thing About Gender in Schools

The Home Office has shown, this week, that it recognises gender inequality is a problem and education is an important part of the solution. The Scandinavians are leagues ahead. Let's put our energies into trying to catch up with them instead of denying that we have a serious problem on that front.
12/12/2011 13:48 GMT

Consultant For a Day

This is of interest to anyone who teaches Personal, Social, Health and Economics subjects, including Sex and Relationships, and Citizenship. Did a shudder run through you when Nadine Dorries made the latest - and not the last - assault on gender equality with her proposal for <a href="" target="_hplink">abstinence education for girls only</a>? Please speak up now
29/11/2011 11:49 GMT

Hello, Mr. Chips? Schoolteachers and Sexism

Gove has made his disrespect for women teachers explicit. The cultural creep in the direction of a dusted-down patriarchy, laid out by his party, is cause for serious concern. Democracy and the rule of law require a more adaptive and inclusive approach. If not, it's women and girls who will pay the price.
09/11/2011 12:07 GMT