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Troy Seidle

Director of Research and Toxicology at Humane Society International

Troy Seidle is Director of Research and Toxicology at Humane Society International, one of the world's largest and most effective organisations working to replace the use of animals in research and testing. HSI's team of science experts - The Humane Scientists - come from backgrounds in neurology, biomedicine, toxicology and 21st century non-animal research.

A Human (And Humane) Quest To Find Therapies For Autism Disorders

A monkey is locked in a barren, wire laboratory cage; no bedding, no toys or "environmental enrichment", nothing to look at, nothing to do. The monkey circles, paces, climbs the bars, looking for a way out because, let's face it, a life behind bars is no life at all.
19/10/2016 12:21 BST

Human Mini-Brains Replacing Animals In Zika Virus Research

Brazil has been in the news a lot lately, and for good reason: weeks of top-class Olympic and Paralympic sporting events have inspired and motivated us, and although less celebrated, arguably even more critical for human health, top-class Brazilian science has been applied to address the Zika virus outbreak.
03/10/2016 14:48 BST

China, Cosmetic Animal Testing and Cruelty-Free: Untangling the Web

The world is at a tipping point--closer than ever before to ending the misery of animals used in toxicity tests for cosmetics and their ingredients. After years of pressure from animal protection groups, caring consumers and ethical retailers across the globe, cosmetics cruelty has been fully or partially banned by law in 33 countries, home to 1.7 billion consumers, with at least 10 more countries lining up to do the same.
31/05/2016 14:20 BST

When Is a Ban Not a Ban?

We defend those who cannot defend themselves, speak up for the voiceless, campaign for what is in their best interests, not our own. That's our job.
10/03/2015 16:28 GMT

India Makes History with Import Ban on Newly Animal-Tested Cosmetics

My colleagues atHumane Society International's India office in Hyderabad are celebrating an historic #BeCrueltyFree campaign victory this week: India has banned the import of cosmetic products and ingredients newly tested on animals, and now becomes the first cruelty-free cosmetics zone in South Asia.
15/10/2014 12:24 BST

Brazil Needs a FULL Ban on Cosmetics Animal Testing, Not a FALSE Ban

Brazil's politicians have two choices: either they can introduce a ban of which Brazil can be proud, standing shoulder to shoulder with the EU and India to become the first country in South America to end cosmetics cruelty, or they can pass bill PLC 70/2014 unchanged and risk Brazil lagging behind on the global stage...
16/09/2014 14:54 BST

Memories Are Worth Fighting for - the 21st Century Way

Progress is urgently needed in understanding Alzheimer's disease and in finding effective treatments. Available drugs can help stabilise memory loss and confusion for a few months in about half of patients, but no preventative treatments exist and none that slow the inexorable development of the disease.
22/05/2014 16:41 BST

Chinese Scientists Receive Training in Non-Animal Testing Ahead of China's New Cosmetics Rule

Next month, China is expected to implement the most significant change to its cosmetics testing regulations in more than 20 years - removal of mandatory animal testing for ordinary cosmetics manufactured within China. For the first time ever, Chinese companies will be able to choose to use a state-of-the-art non-animal test instead of a decades' old animal test.
06/05/2014 12:44 BST

Cures for the Leading Diseases in the Western World are on the Horizon

Instead of gambling our medicines -- and our lives -- upon these dismal stakes, scientists can make more meaningful predictions about the effectiveness of new therapies in humans and about their safety that are relevant to people in the real world, and intercept the progression of disease before a patient even receives their diagnosis.
05/12/2013 14:27 GMT