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Vince Warrington

A leading expert in cyber security and information protection

Vince Warrington is a leading Information Assurance and Cyber Security expert with over 15 years experience heading-up large-scale, organisation-wide IT and cyber security programmes for central Government departments, blue chip private companies and well-known voluntary organisations across the globe. He is an influential member of the Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC) and the UK Cyber Security Forum. Vince has also delivered successful business change in cyber security programmes and IT security operations for organisations including GlaxoSmithKline, Diageo, Saudi Aramco, the Metropolitan Police Service and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and has most recently worked with the Financial Conduct Authority to help assess the cyber resilience capabilities of a wide range of financial services firms.

Are Teens Tech-Savvy But Security-Poor?

Teenagers might have all the latest apps and a better understanding of the online world in general than many adults, but the fact remains that they are not good at protecting their data, whether by failing to back up their important files and photos or through over-sharing of personal information
13/07/2017 14:21 BST

Are Smarter Cities Making Us More Vulnerable To Cyber Crime?

So I would guess that many of us are now aware of what ransomware is. Following the attack on Friday 12th May which spread to 150 countries and infected over 230,000 computers, it's clear that many organisations are still unprepared for cyber incidents, and it highlights the escalating challenges facing those of us who work to protect vital systems from ever more innovative types of cyber crime.
18/05/2017 11:36 BST

Why Are We Still So Poor At Backing Up Our Personal Data?

Of most concern, however, is the fact that the highest timeframe score for UK adults backing up their laptops or computers was 'NEVER', at roughly 25 per cent. This was consistently the highest time frame score across all ages, gender and geographical locations, and showed that people do not realise how important it is to back up on a regular basis.
12/04/2017 14:04 BST

2017 - The Year We All Need To Become Cyber Smart

Businesses - as well as the general public - will consequently have to get smarter and more agile if they don't want to fall victim to an increasingly sophisticated and well-coordinated network of cyber gangs.
12/01/2017 15:55 GMT

The Internet Of Things And DDoS - The Joke Is On Us

The size of attacks has increased exponentially, thanks to the cyber criminals making use of the IoT. These devices are typically designed to be quick and cheap to produce, and have very poor levels of security. Essentially stripped-down versions of your home computer
27/10/2016 16:01 BST