Wendy Bradley writer on tax and regulation, and science fiction and fantasy

Wendy Bradley grew up in Sheffield and did a Drama degree at Bangor university where her contemporaries included Danny Boyle and Frances Barber. Logically, therefore, after a spell as a drama teacher she spent the bulk of her career as a tax inspector. From 2007 she was the HMRC Impact Assessment programme manager, quality assuring the application of cost-benefit analysis to proposed tax changes.

She retired from HMRC in March 2012 and is currently studying at Sheffield University’s Law Department for a PhD in tax simplification and better regulation. She also writes, and writes about, science fiction and fantasy. She was Interzone magazine’s TV critic and had a brief career as publisher and editor of Farthing, a small press science fiction magazine. She has a schrodinger’s cat of a novel which has been on a New York publisher’s desk for, oh, seven years or so now. She’s undecided what result she would prefer if he ever opens the box. She is currently working on a near-future novel about an economic apocalypse and a doughty tax inspector heroine trying to save the world.