Will Black

Author and journalist with background in anthropology and mental health care

Will Black is the author of Psychopathic Cultures and Toxic Empires, which deals with how dangerous people with power infiltrate and shape institutions to maximise their own influence and rewards. That book was informed by many years working in mental health services and his anthropology studies. His postgraduate research in anthropology focused on cults, and the complex political, social and psychological factors underpinning them. That research led to the book Beyond the End of the World.

The Tory Party Is In Big Trouble

Whatever the Tories do, things seem likely to fall apart. This is the inevitable consequence of building a house on rotten foundations. No amount of blue gloss will prevent inevitable collapse. The selfish individualism they preach cannot hold the party together, let alone society.
09/10/2017 11:08 BST

The Stolen Feathers Are Not Working For You, Theresa May

Both Theresa May and Donald Trump have been encouraging me to think of Aesop a lot recently. Not because their wisdom and narrative skills mirror that of the slave and storyteller of ancient Greece, but because of one fable attributed to him.
20/03/2017 11:59 GMT

Brexit Bunglers Blame Everyone But Themselves For Their Mess

There is a desperation from the government and vocal Eurosceptics to rush the process to leave the EU. It is as though they think the public has been duped and they want to push things along before more people are fully alert to the dangers of hard Brexit.
08/11/2016 12:12 GMT

Queen Of Omnishambles Theresa May And The Brexit Bunglers

There are Leave voters, as well as Remainers, who believe that the team chosen to deal with Brexit is so poor that it was deliberately selected to thwart the process. Though an amusing idea, I'm not convinced that this is true. However, whether by design or ineptitude, what we have seen from Theresa May and her team so far hasn't lifted her from the characterisation of Queen of the Omnishambles.
11/10/2016 11:05 BST

With the Abuse Inquiry in Disarray, Who Polices the Establishment?

A day in the life of a child can be very long, intense and memorable. Hopefully most readers can remember some wonder-filled days from their childhood. Special days out with family or adventures with friends, these hours become indelibly imprinted on our minds. They become part of us.
08/08/2016 12:48 BST

Theresa May Must Lift Britain Above Immigrant-bashing

Despite warnings since before the EU Referendum that, if the UK falls on the side of Brexit, there could be several years of negotiations before the we leave the EU, there are a shocking number of people who still believe that it is as simple as pressing a button.
29/07/2016 12:26 BST

Would You Sacrifice Great Britain for Brexit?

For those who expected the UK's departure from the EU to happen quickly, this must be a frustrating time. By resigning in the hours after the Referendum results were in, David Cameron avoided being the one to start the wheels turning towards Brexit.
04/07/2016 16:18 BST

Don't Let the Spite of the Far-Right Define Britain

Brits fighting alongside Poles and other Europeans defeated the Nazis in the 1940s. Now, several decades later, we all have to work together to ensure that the ignorant vindictiveness of the far-right does not define us as a nation.
28/06/2016 11:24 BST

The Tory Party's Festering Wound Exposed

The dressing used to cover the infected wound on the body of the Conservative Party is completely off now and the stench of inflamed flesh tells a fascinating and bitter story.
06/06/2016 12:00 BST

Book Review - Because We Are Bad: OCD and a Girl Lost in Thought

<em>Because We Are Bad</em> is a harrowing account of a girl's struggle to make sense of the world and contend with distressing thoughts and perceptions that constantly tore into her mind and life. A complex silent battle being fought day and night for many years, while trying desperately to fit in without betraying her secrets and the world coming crashing down.
09/05/2016 21:25 BST

Who Can Replace David Cameron?

The Tories and their media can be like a broken record in their questioning of Jeremy Corbyn's ability to lead the country. However, as David Cameron has already said he will not lead the Conservative Party for a third term, a more pressing question is which Tory is going to be able to take the reins from Cameron.
26/04/2016 14:36 BST