Will Prochaska

Head of Housing and Social Investment at Baxendale

Will Prochaska is Head of Housing and Social Investment at the social consultancy - Baxendale. He was formerly CEO of Alive & Kciking, an african manufacturing social enterprise, he sits on the Board of Bounce Back, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Five Housing Models That Can Save NHS And Social Care Budgets

At the heart of Britain's NHS and Social Care crisis is an increase in demand for services from our ageing population. The right housing models can play a critical part in preventing a cycle of demand from starting and allow older people to return to their own homes after treatment, thus freeing up NHS and social care resources.
03/03/2017 12:17 GMT

A New Entrepreneurial Force for Ex-Offenders and Those in Recovery From Addiction

Chris Grayling's announcement of the <Transforming Rehabilitation agenda stoked the fires of social enterprise in the criminal justice sector. Now the charity where Chris Grayling chose to announce his policy is surging ahead in developing its own enterprises, with the goal of aiding the recovery of former addicts and ex-offenders.
14/04/2014 09:47 BST

As the Benefits of Employee Ownership Come to the Fore in the Public and Private Sectors, Should Charities Also Look to Transition to Employee Owned Models?

Increasing employee ownership and engagement is clearly a good social policy, but what excites hardnosed business brains is its irrefutable impact on a company's bottom line. Employee owned businesses are known to provide higher levels of customer satisfaction, better quality services, lower staff turnover, better levels of innovation, and they are more resilient.
02/03/2013 21:54 GMT