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Graffiti Artist

Xenz painted his first graffiti piece in 1987 at the age of 14. He signed his early work with the tag ‘Sense’ — a name that has evolved into Xenz. He grew up in Hull, East Yorkshire. Following his studies in textile design in Edinburgh, Xenz moved to Bristol where he collaborated with some of the graffiti scene's most respected artists and became well-known for his landscape murals.

Xenz’s unique approach to the art form is such that the word graffiti no longer sufficiently describes his work. His extraordinary cohesion between mind, memory and spray can allows this influential artist to walk up to a wall or canvas and paint an epic landscape from his imagination using the spray can to capture fragments of memory and ever-changing subject matter, often drawn from the natural world.

Xenz set up studio in London in 2005 and held his first solo show the same year. He has since been shown in exhibitions and art fairs in the UK, Miami, New York and Basel, and has recently held successful solo shows in Australia, India and London. His prints and paintings are in huge demand and his work is in private and corporate collections worldwide.


Graffiti isn't supposed to be branding, but the artists who climb fences and often work illegally at night each have their own unique name and their own way of presenting it - just like any brand. They have an iconic aspiration.
15/12/2011 22:46 GMT