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I Never Believed in Indie or Ever Claimed That I Did

| Posted 10.19.2011 | UK Entertainment

My world today exists in Treadwells, not Hoxton Bar and Grill, and I would rather buy Liber Null than a CD. I apologise, actually I don't, but I never really believed in ''Indie'' or claimed that I did. I believed in The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, not the Rough Trade shop and Crass.

Jimmy Savile, Reflections on Creation and the Fight for Hay-On-Wye's Future

| Posted 10.30.2011 | UK

I'd like to pay my respects and say R.I.P to Sir Jimmy Savile, who died on Saturday. I met him only once, weirdly, it was at a dinner at Chequers in October 1999. I was first to arrive that evening (sad but true) and I was standing talking to Tony Blair, who was rocking his Gap casuals. Anyway, who is the next guest to arrive, but Jimmy Savile. At that point I thought life is definitely getting surreal. Rock 'n' roll to the end, he spent the entire night trying with persistence to chat up my wife, Kate. He was a rock 'n' roller even in his 70s, a bit like my Dad. Actually, my Dad just does the rock 'n' roll, not the charity work.