Entries by Carla Buzasi from 09/2011

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 09.03.2011 | UK

The Times on Saturday described Keira Knightley as 'the cinema equivalent of Marmite'. Whether you admire or admonish her acting skills, editors seemed united about one thing this week: the British starlet makes for a rather more glamorous front-page photo than the riot splashes and Libya pictures of August. Seemingly starved of upbeat, positive things to write about, the British press looked to Venice this week and its A-list-littered film festival. Not, of course, that every article filed from the red carpets was positive.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 09.17.2011 | UK

Mining accidents, such a regular part of life in industrial communities in decades gone past as to provide perfect plot twists in modern-day novels, became headline worthy again this week due to the tragic events in Swansea. I'm sure I wasn't the only one somehow naively expecting a repeat run of the jubilant scenes played out in Chile almost exactly a year ago. If only real life ran with such Hollywood-perfect endings. Calls for an enquiry have already been made, while Neath MP Peter Hain is appealing for donations to help the bereaved families of those brave men who lost their lives.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 09.24.2011 | UK

In a week when the global economy looked to be in meltdown, when a man was executed for a crime he may or may not have committed, and with the hacking fiasco continuing to make headlines, what was the single event that provoked the biggest uproar? Facebook making changes to its interface. If proof were needed that social networking is now as much a way of life as talking on your phone or, dare one say it, talking full-stop, this was it. And where did the disgruntled world's population head to vent their anger? Twitter. Oh, irony of ironies.