Entries by Carla Buzasi from 11/2011

The Week That Was

| Posted 11.05.2011 | UK

The fireworks started early this week, with shocks in store for nearly everyone, not least the Eurozone's leaders, who went into November probably feeling, if not smug, then at least satisfied they had a plan for Greece's debt crisis. George Papandreou clearly had other ideas. Having announced plans for a referendum on the proffered financial bail-out, the Greek prime minister managed to dominate the news agenda throughout the week, throwing the G20 summit into turmoil, sending stock markets falling, narrowly survive a vote of no confidence and starting to plan a new coalition government all in the space of five days.

HuffPost UK Welcomes AOL News Readers

| Posted 11.08.2011 | UK

On 6 July this year, HuffPost UK launched slap-bang in the middle of what seems like the busiest news summer in memory.

The Week That Was

| Posted 11.12.2011 | UK

So, James Murdoch was "disingenuous" during this week's select committee hearing into The News of the World phone hacking saga. We probably could have predicted that outcome in advance of the event; what would have been more difficult to predict was that an investigation into journalistic (mal)practice could turn so quickly into an argument about female MPs' working hours. I don't actually care whether Louise Mensch's actions were 'display parenting' or 'parental grandstanding', rather than just articulating the basic facts, as some have suggested. However, I do care that she has highlighted the reality of having a demanding career and balancing a family at the same time. And I speak as someone who doesn't even have children.

Making an Impact

| Posted 11.17.2011 | UK

I'm delighted today to announce the launch of HuffPost UK Impact - our new page dedicated to issues, charities and making a difference.

The Week That Was

| Posted 11.19.2011 | UK

The last time a Benetton advert was shocking, I was still at school and the height of sophistication was having one of the brand's brightly coloured T-shirts, emblazoned with the company logo, for non-uniform days. Back then it was naked, screaming newborns making headlines. This week, kissing world leaders thrust the fashion brand back into the limelight and reminded us that, in some areas at least, we are still capable of being taken aback by pictures alone, albeit in this case ones that have been manipulated and photo-shopped to within an inch of their lives.

The Week That Was

| Posted 11.26.2011 | UK

In Topshop's Oxford Circus flagship store on Thursday evening, there was scant evidence of a company in trouble. In the queues on the lower-ground floor the word recession couldn't have appeared more out of place, with every teen, twenty-something, thirty-something and the rest clutching mounds of skinny jeans (red seemed a particularly popular choice), fake fur coats and sequin-embellished party dresses. Sir Philip Green might have spent the day defending his decision to close up to 260 Arcadia stores, but his Topshop-buying public were still doing their best to keep the company coffers full.