Entries by Carla Buzasi from 04/2012

The Week That Was: Racism Uncovered

| Posted 04.07.2012 | UK

On Easter Sunday, as we celebrate new beginnings, Britain appears gripped by attitudes of a bygone era. It has only been three months since the Stephen Lawrence trial finally ended, bringing to a close nearly two decades of pain for his family, and along the way uncovering a culture of inherent racism within the British Police Force. After the guilty verdicts were handed down to Stephen's killers, Gary Dobson and David Norris, the courts, media and to an extent, the British public were all guilty of patting themselves on the back, and believing a great step had been taken forward for race relations within the UK.

The Week That Was: Money and Moans

| Posted 04.14.2012 | UK

Britain might be in recession, or on the brink of it, or just recovering from it, depending on which economist/s you're inclined to believe, but that didn't stop the nation reaching into its collective pocket on Saturday to have a flutter on the Grand National and FA Cup Semi-Final. According to the bookies, nearly half the British adult population will have had a flutter of some kind this weekend, with nearly £300 million placed on bets. The £1 I threw into the office sweepstake suddenly seems rather miserly, although as someone who grew up obsessed by ponies and practically weaned on National Velvet, the thought of a woman winning this year's race meant there was even more reason to tune in. If we are a nation of gamblers, we are also a nation that loves to moan. Let us count the things that have collectively upset us this week.

The Week That Was: Changing Times

| Posted 04.21.2012 | UK

'Ceeya Ceefax' ran the Sun's headline as this week's official switchover to digital TV spelt the end of the television-based information and news service. Checked weekly at its peak in the Nineties by around a third of the British population, the retro news pages updated its last flight details, that day's weather and then disappeared from our screens forever... Time for a little nostalgia? Barely. A straw poll round the office offered up the not-too-startling revelation that most of us presumed it had ended years ago. How on earth had it survived this long in the age of Google?

The Week That Was: The Eye of the Storm

| Posted 04.28.2012 | UK

Thanks to smartphones, Twitter and a team with a good, old-fashioned nose for news reporting, not only did we manage to track and follow the story, we quickly became the source of information spreading out across the web, radio and TV stations. At a time when social media is getting a bad rap for spreading mis-information, Twitter - or more correctly the journalists using Twitter - proved that when combined with traditional methods of reporting, it can also be one of the best way of updating and correcting as you go, instantly adding to the story as more information becomes available.