Entries by Carla Buzasi from 05/2012

The Week That Was: The Dark Side of Twitter

| Posted 05.06.2012 | UK

Twitter, at its best, is a great way to massage your ego (ooh, 15 more followers!), or given my day job, chat with readers (they loved X feature on the site, they thought Y was dull, or words to that effect) and, as I wrote last week, to get breaking news out quickly. At its worst, as Conservative MP Louise Mensch highlighted this week, it's a hot-bed of misogynistic idiots using it to abuse, scare and lambast women in the public eye in the crudest manner possible.

The Week That Was: Lots of LOLs

| Posted 05.12.2012 | UK

Poor David Cameron, he's not going to live this one down in a hurry, is he? Forget messing up the budget, turning off women voters, strikes across the country and a dismal showing in the local council elections. His greatest embarrassment right now, and if we dare to speculate, for some time in the future, will be his inability to abbreviate his text messages correctly. In quite possibly the highlight so far of the soap opera that is the Leveson Inquiry, ex-News International exec Rebekah Wade outed David Cameron as so far behind the times he needed advice from a newspaper editor to type his texts correctly.

The Week That Was: A Childish Endeavour

| Posted 05.19.2012 | UK

Who'd be a mother these days? Forget the exhaustion of broken sleep, it's all the arguments and wrangling over what's right and wrong that looks most painful. In a week when expectant mothers were told they should actually be dieting rather than eating for two and when celebrity mothers were told they "owed" it to their fans to lose their baby weight, David Cameron saw fit to announce the launch of a new government-backed website offering free parenting advice.

The Week That Was: A Step Back in Time

| Posted 05.26.2012 | UK

Did I miss the collective time-travel mission back to the 1950s this week? I only ask because a glance at a choice selection of headlines from the past seven days certainly suggests so. Either that, or someone (a man, presumably) decided it was time to sweep all the advancements women have made over the past few decades under the proverbial carpet. (Swept by a woman in a gingham pinny and rollers, I sure hope.)