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Competitive Pressure, Ethical Void Earmark UK Phone Hacking Scandal

| Posted 07.16.2011 | UK Politics

Now those chickens have come home to roost...there's a time of reckoning. Ms. Brooks never expected the seeds of her brand of journalism would breed several out of control.

Jail/Hollywood Her Next Career Moves?

| Posted 07.18.2011 | UK

And the big question is: What would Rebekah Brooks look like with short jailhouse hair? Could it be a new image for her? But, while she may have been...

Murdoch Hating: Counterproductive, Very British, and Very Wrong

| Posted 07.18.2011 | UK Politics

The problem here is the Left doesn't want people to have what Murdoch offers them. In something akin to the tradition of racist stereotypes, they develop a malevolent and ruthless capitalist bent on exploiting his workers and dumbing down the general population...the devil incarnate.

Affluence, Assimilation Keys to Immigrant Acceptance

| Posted 07.28.2011 | UK Politics

Norwegian massacre suspect Anders Breivik, 32, doesn't look like a genocidal maniac. In fact, his clean and handsome appearance resembles a cross betw...