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Apprenticeships Are at the Heart of the Economy We Want to Build

| Posted 02.06.2012 | UK Politics

Over the past 18 months we've put a massive amount of effort and investment into strengthening apprenticeships in this country - and it shows. Last year more than 450,000 people started an apprenticeship, roughly the same number as those who started in higher education.

The Welfare Reform Bill Will Tackle the Blight of Welfare Dependency

| Posted 02.29.2012 | UK Politics

Today marks an historic step in the biggest welfare revolution in over 60 years. My government has taken bold action to make work pay, while protecting the vulnerable. Past governments have talked about reform, while watching the benefits bill sky rocket and generations languish on the dole and dependency. This government is delivering it. Our new law will mark the end of the culture that said a life on benefits was an acceptable alternative to work.